An Australian graphic designer with a passion for bright colours, neatly aligned text and collaborative team work.
I work across a variety of fields including brand development, visual identities and event collateral.

Services: Graphic Design / Editorial Design / Event Design / Visual Identity / Digital Design

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Il Mio Corpo Press Kit

COVID-19 information poster

Renter support during COVID-19

AF French Film Festival 2018 AF French Film Festival 2018

UNSW Career Accelerator
UNSW Career Accelerator

Classic Film Festival: Bébel Classic Film Festival: Bébel

Nour Films 2020-21 booklet

Sweltering Cities

Everymind & Ahead for Business Support Kit

AF French Film Festival 2017 AF French Film Festival 2017

AAPBS Conference

Classic Film Festival: Deneuve Classic Film Festival: Deneuve
Anti-racism video
  TeleTick Instagram grid

Kingsford Legal Centre Annual Report 2020

AF Course Brochures
Alliance Française Course Brochures

UNSW Peter Farrell Cup UNSW Peter Farrell Cup

Handmade magazine
Handmade magazine

About me 

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